Stepping up practice in summer time... even when it's hot outside ;)

Wow. It's July. Summer time is the season of vibrance and bearing fruit. It is also very hot outside, and instead of cultivating the "fruits" of practice, I am also tempted by air conditioning and cool drinks. So I have opted for longer morning and evening practices while I cool down midday with my taiji journal, coconut water and chilled cherries. ;)

A tip from my "Semi-Secret Manual"
Ask questions when you are stuck. I used be nervous about asking questions in front of my classmates, especially when I first started, and it felt like everyone was ahead of me. I was worried that my questions weren't fully cooked or perfectly formed. But I do know the spots where I get stuck. There are plenty of those, and therefore, plenty of questions! I learned to say things like, "I'm having trouble with..." or "I'm not getting XYZ posture..." Think of all the pointers I might have missed had I stayed silent! Students who draw out a teacher's knowledge guide the learning just as much as teachers that make corrections.