Recovery time between practices

This month's tip from my "Semi-Secret Manual"
I took my own advice to turn up the heat with my summer practice. Aside from working on pointers from my teacher, I've needed some supplementary days strength training at the gym to target muscles that allow for "graceful" rising out of deep one-sided squats. Eek! I soon learned (the hard way) the importance of recovery time. In order to show up at the next workout or class able to perform BETTER than last time, my muscles needed adequate rest, recovery and fuel. I've found a good rhythm at two days training (different muscles and postures each day), then one day rest. Furthermore, I've found a new love of foam rolling, the massage roller, and tennis balls. You can see my assistant Rusty demonstrating "proper use" of tennis ball rolling in the photo below. I used to think that soreness = bad-ass. But it was not so bad-ass showing up to practice in pain. So instead, I'm giving my muscles the royal treatment of Kobe cows - but not with the intention of marbling fat! I want my body to have all the love and care to perform optimally without too much damage. 

Wishing you happy recoveries!