Forms and Exercises


Covered in weekly Beginner Chen Taijiquan class

The First Form is comprised of 75 moves (postures). Despite its length, the moves themselves are easier to learn in comparison to other forms and provide beginners with a solid foundation of taiji principles. This form is thus considered the Traditional Chen Taiji Form, the “mother form” before moving onto other forms and weapon sets. 

Note: The weekly class is offered in 9 or 10-week terms, but it can take upwards of one year to learn the entire form.


Covered in the weekly Beginner Chen Taijiquan class

Silk-Reeling Exercises (SRE) is a set of repetitive spiral movements and joint rotations that relax the muscles and increase joint mobility. They emphasize rootedness, alignment and sinking. They also serve as drills to familiarize and train the body in preparation for the form – not unlike Mr. Miyagi’s “wax on, wax off” moves in the Karate Kid. 


To read more about Chen Taijiquan forms and practices, please visit my teacher’s website. (which in and of itself is a well-preserved gem from the internet's early days!)