Taiji art honoring Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou

In 2015 when Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou passed away, I knew how I wanted to honor his life: by merging two of his beloved artforms, Taiji and calligraphy painting. After two years, I finally found the right artist. 


Before his martial arts school, the yet-to-be Grandmaster made his living as a calligrapher, seal carver, and tiger painter. Who at those festivals might have passed by a young Chen Qingzhou and his table of seals, scrolls and paintings without notice? Who stopped to recognize his budding talent? The grandmasters of tomorrow are among us. They are out there, making their living. Just like he did.

Do teachers realize the legacy they leave behind for the generations beyond their lifetime? I never trained with him, yet I was so moved by his story that I wanted a physical reminder of his perseverance and his conviction. If you'd also like a letterpress print, you can order them here